I’m excited to share a new feature on my blog – it’s all about wine! I recently  joined a monthly wine tasting club and I can’t wait to share more about my adventures with wine. I’m traditionally a sweet white wine drinker, but looking forward to expanding my horizons with wine and learning more about different wineries from around the world.

The club I joined is through Direct Cellars. Each month, I receive 4 bottles of wine shipped directly to my home. I selected the 2 white/2 red options, but you can pick all red or all white too. One thing that I loved about this company is that when you refer three friends, you get your wine for free! How great is that!?!? I can’t wait to share more with all my readers.

Disclosure: I joined Direct Cellars as a consultant and earn commissions on any orders placed through my affiliate link. I’d love to share more with you about the opportunity with Direct Cellars if you’re interested.