Almond Butter

We have recently been introduced to almond butter and I’m so glad! It’s so good and much better than peanut butter. We love eating it with apples and I’m going to use it in some overnight oatmeal later this week. This is super easy, but it takes a little time and a good food processor. Mine started getting really warm, but luckly the butter was just about done before it overheated. I think I might be buying a new food processor in the upcoming months!

1 lb roasted almonds, no salt

Add almonds to the food processor. Begin grinding almonds. They will turn into tiny bits, but keep going. After about 10-12 minutes, butter starts to form and it will thin out. You will need to push the mixture down with a spatula occasionally, but it will get there! A tip I learned from a friend is to add a little bit of coconut oil after it’s turned to butter and it will be easier to spread. I’ll definitely be picking up some on my next shopping trip!


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