Cooking with Kids

If you’ve been a reader of my blog, you’ll notice my daughter cooks and bakes with me often. It’s one of the things I remember doing with my mom growing up and I think it’s made me appreciate cooking and baking more than just something that needs to be done. I really enjoy it and I’m glad my daughter enjoys it as well.

My mom bought Madeline 2 cookbooks for her birthday. She absolutely loved them and secretly I hope it will stop her from stealing my cookbooks…hehe. They are super cute and came in the most adorable packaging! The books are by Handstand Kids and help children learn about recipes, different cultures and languagues. There are five children that are featured in the book – Felix, Izzy, Ari, Gabby and Marvin. One additional feature is there are helpful hints about cooking for special diets (vegetarian, picky eaters, etc).

We have the Italian cookbook; it came packaged in a pizza box with a pizza cutter. The other book my mom bought was the Chinese cookbook. I came in a take box with a spoon – so cute! In addition to the 2 books we have, there’s a Mexican cookbook too!

I’m excited to have Madeline pick out recipes to try from her cookbooks…of course, we’ll be sharing them!

Some of the recipes I’m looking forward to making are:

  • Italian Popcorn
  • The Best-o Chicken Pest-o
  • Grandisimo Granita Ices
  • The Great Wall of Chicken Lettuce Wraps
  • Baked Spring Rolls
  • Year of the Monkey Mango Smoothies

The sets are sold in stores and online.


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