A Grey Day

This is a duplicate of my post today on our family blog

This is going to be somber blog post, but I just needed to get my feelings out. As some of you know, I’ve been part of an online forum of other moms for the past 5 years. We actually just celebrated our 5 year anniversary on Monday. We’ve been through so many things over the last 5 years, but today was the first time we had to experience one of losing their husband. I first meet Gina in person on a get-together in NYC 3 years ago and were roommates with Shannon and Brittany. It was such a great time to bond with other moms and build stronger friendships.

Gina’s husband Dan was diagnosed with brain cancer 11 months ago at the young age of 41. He fought as hard as he could, but wasn’t able to win this battle and took his last breath early this morning with Gina by his side.

I have been crying throughout the day because of the pain I feel for Gina and her two sons, Carson and Tyler. I feel helpless and there are really no words to express how much I wish I could take her pain away, and I’m sure there’s so many others who feel the same way. Gina has been unbelievably strong and stood by Dan’s side through the ups and downs. She has tried to keep life as consistent for her boys as she can and I has been an amazing wife and mother.

There have been so many instances where my life has been touched by someone with cancer – my grandmother, my dad and now this….and it just sucks. Plain and simple.

I’ll be running a 5K in November in honor of Dan. Many of my other OOFers (what we call ourselves) will be joining Team DK in Philly for this run. Please help me to support The National Brain Tumor Society and donate in Dan’s honor. There has been over $7200 donated to support Team DK.  Click here to help!

Another way to help the fight against brain cancer is through a fundraiser for flowers –Tulips for Tumors. I’ll be buying some tulips to plant this fall and celebrate their arrival in the spring as a reminder of Dan.
Please hugs those you love tonight as you never know how quickly life can change.


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