Pumpkin Apple Dog Treats

When it’s your pup’s birthday, it’s time to make a special batch of birthday treats! Piper LOVES treats….including counter-surfing to steal steak, pork chops, chicken breast – really anything she can get her mouth or paws on. One of her favorite things to eat is apples, but they need to be tiny pieces. For being a 60 pound pitbull mix, she’s a delicate eater and doesn’t like big pieces of food….unless it’s meat. Ha! I knew she would love these treats. They have parsley in them too so it helps with her stinky breath and hopefully that will keep her from stealing pieces of parsley from my plant. She’s a sneaky one!

These treats come together really quickly and are easy to make. I decided to go with a heart cookie cutter since they’re the perfect size for her. I need to find a bone shaped one so we don’t get confused these are kid snacks….which has happened before.

Pumpkin Apple Dog Treats | Join Us, Pull up a Chair
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Nutrish Dish Dog Food

Meet our dog Piper. ¬†She’s a rambunctious girl that loves running laps around our backyard, snuggling and barking at every delivery person that stops at our house {always while I’m on a conference call}. We waited several years to add a dog to our family after our last dog went to doggy heaven, and we finally decided it was time a little over a year ago. We rescued her from a local shelter as a puppy and she’s been a great addition to our family.

DSC_0117 (1)

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