Basil and Sun-dried Tomato Pinwheels

I'm excited to kick off #CookoutWeek 2018 with an appetizer recipe. As I was planning my recipes, I thought it would be fun to reveal them as courses! We'll start with an appetizer and end with dessert later this week. It was the perfect recipe too because my basil is OUT.OF.CONTROL!!! I've made 2 big… Continue reading Basil and Sun-dried Tomato Pinwheels


Cranberry Pecan Pinwheels

I've been trying to be really good lately with my diet, but I still have a few recipes left from the holidays that I need to share. We're finally dug out from this weekend's┬ábig winter storm...around 30 inches of snow fell in a 24 hour period. It's been crazy and I'm so glad things will… Continue reading Cranberry Pecan Pinwheels