Chewy Almond Vanilla Bars – Simple Sesame Blogger Challenge

I’m excited to share a recipe I created for the Simply Sesame Blogger Recipe 118956612Challenge!
As part of the challenge, I received three flavors of Simply Sesame to try: Vanilla with Almond Bits, Pistachio Morsels with a hint of Cardamom and Pure Roasted Sesame. I immediately knew I wanted to make experiment and make a recipe for granola bars. My kids are big fans of snacks and these would make great after school snacks for them.I loved that all three were 100% natural, non GMO and low in calories, sugar and salt – and it makes a great alternative to peanut butter or hazelnut spread. It’s also gluten-free and vegan!

I love the vanilla and almond flavor of the bars and hint of sesame. The bars held up well and can be cut into whatever size you’d like. I did rectangles for my oldest and then smaller bite sized pieces for my youngest. The spread was great to use and I loved the flavor. I can’t wait to try the regular variety to make a batch of hummus! There’s so many possibilities with these products and are great substitute for those of us with food allergies.

Visit Simple Sesame over on their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram  or Twitter for more delicious recipes and find out where you can get your own Simple Sesame spreads!

Chewy Almond Vanilla Bars | Join Us, Pull up a Chair
1/2 cup Simply Sesame Vanilla with Almond Bits
1/3 cup honey
1 egg
2 Tbsp coconut oil, melted
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 cups rolled oats
1/3 cup coconut palm sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/3 cup white chocolate chips
1/3 cups sliced almonds

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. In a medium bowl, beat the sesame spread, honey, egg, coconut oil and vanilla together using a hand mixer. In a separate bowl, combine the oats, sugar and salt. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix well. Fold in the chocolate chips and sliced almonds.

Spread the mixture evenly into a parchment lined baking dish. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until your bars start to turn golden brown. Allow to completely cool in the pan and then remove and cut into the desired sized bars.

Disclaimer: I received three jars of Simply Sesame butter spreads in all flavors for use so I could use the product in my recipe for the Simply Sesame Blogger Recipe Challenge. All opinions, beliefs, and recipes are 100% my own.


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