Pigs in an Everything Blanket

Pigs in a blanket are a favorite party food, but when you add a little "bit of everything", you get a twist! I whipped up a batch of these to enjoy while we watched football on Sunday. They made for a great snack and were delicious - even my son who doesn't like hot dogs,… Continue reading Pigs in an Everything Blanket

Appetizers, Breads (Yeast)

Mini Pretzel Dogs – The Secret Recipe Club

I always love when it's reveal day for The Secret Recipe Club! It's so fun to go through all the other recipes and find out who had you. This month, my assignment was Rebekah of Family, Food and Fun. I was Rebekah's assignment in February! I looked through so many of Rebekah's recipes and had… Continue reading Mini Pretzel Dogs – The Secret Recipe Club