Updated photos (August 2021) It's been so long since I made a batch of fresh salsa and it was about time. This recipe is simple and so delicious! Tomato season is upon us. It's a little overwhelming with the amount of tomatotes we're getting daily. So needless to say, you'll be seeing several tomato recipes… Continue reading Salsa


Tomato Basil Bruschetta

Bruschetta is the perfect way to enjoy summer tomatoes. I picked up some gorgeous Mr. Stripey tomatoes at the farmers market this past weekend and I immediately knew I wanted to make a bowl of this bruschetta. I've made it several times this summer and I'm always amazed at how quickly it is devoured. 2… Continue reading Tomato Basil Bruschetta

Fish and Seafood, Pasta

Greek Lasagna Toss with Tomatoes, Shrimp and Feta

I've been wanting to try a lasagna toss for awhile now and finally found a non-traditional recipe. It was good, makes a ton. I'll definitely make it again, but will probably go with some other type of pasta as it's not easy to eat lasagna noodles! Recipe is from Good Housekeeping.1 pkg (16 oz) lasagna… Continue reading Greek Lasagna Toss with Tomatoes, Shrimp and Feta