Banana Jam

It happened again ... I buy a bunch of bananas. No one eats them before they start turning to ripe and I need to find a way to use them up. I used half to make a batch of muffins and decided to give this recipe for banana jam a try. Let's just say it's… Continue reading Banana Jam


Brown Sugar Topped Banana Bread

I decided to dig through my posts and redo a recipe from 10 years ago! Again, my kids wanted bananas and they didn't eat them before they got too ripe. I completely forgot I had this recipe and good it is! The bread is soft and moist, packed full of bananas and walnuts. The brown… Continue reading Brown Sugar Topped Banana Bread

Breads (Yeast), Breakfast

Banana Bread Maple Cinnamon Rolls

I'm on the hunt for a delicious recipe for breakfast morning on Christmas and decided to do some testing. This is the first recipe I'd tried and it was really good. Everyone loved the cinnamon rolls and the banana made them different and unique....plus I'm always looking for a way to use up over-ripe bananas.… Continue reading Banana Bread Maple Cinnamon Rolls