Chunky Monkey Trail Mix

My kids are growing like weeds! I’ve been noticing their pants are getting shorter and they’ve been complaining their shoes are too small. It might explain all the snacking they’ve been doing! I wanted to make something that would be packed with protein, but still have a little bit of sweetness and found this delicious recipe for trail mix…. made in the crockpot! It makes a big batch and we’ve all been snacking on it all week. I love the crunchy banana chips, toasted coconut and of course the dark chocolate chips. YUM!

Chunky Monkey Trail Mix | Join Us, Pull up a Chair
2 1/4 cup raw walnuts (chopped)
1 cup raw cashew halves (chopped)
1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
1/3 cup coconut sugar
4-5 Tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cup unsweetened banana chips
3/4 cup dark chocolate chips

In a slow cooker, mix the walnuts, cashews, coconut, sugar, vanilla and coconut oil. Mix together until combine. Cook on high for 45 to 60 minutes. Stir occasionally to make sure the coconut doesn’t burn. Reduce heat to low for an additional 20 to 30 minutes. Transfer to a parchment lined baking sheet to allow to dry out. Add in the banana chips and chocolate chips. Store in an air-tight container.

Source: Cotter Crunch

Banana Coconut Bread – The Secret Recipe Club

Today comes with great sadness…it’s my last post for The Secret Recipe Club. I have been with the group since almost the beginning, I think I may have missed for the first or second months, but it’s been 5 years worth of fun, meeting new friends and making so many amazing recipes! I went back to look at my first recipe and it was a French Toast Casserole in June 2011. I’m going to miss blogging for the SRC each month, but a few of us have moved onto other monthly groups to find new things to fill our time!

For my last SRC assignment, I received The Big Sweet Tooth. I’d say it’s the perfect way to say goodbye! Rafeeda is the lady behind The BST and like me, she’s quite busy! Rafeeda makes a wide variety of recipes and has some ingredients I have never heard of before. It made me realize I’m missing out on a whole type of cuisine and foods I need to try! I looked through all the recipes and had a hard time deciding on what to make, but chose her recipe for banana coconut bread since I had a bunch of bananas on my counter that needed to be used. The bread was really good and my husband and kids finished the loaf without me! My husband’s only comment was that I should have added pecans to the batter and not just on top. The only tweak I made was replacing the flaxseed powder for additional flour since I was out of flax.

Banana Coconut Bread | Join Us, Pull up a Chair #secretrecipeclub

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Dark Chocolate Coconut Oil Fudge #Choctoberfest

I’m kicking off #Choctoberfest with bite-sized pieces of delicious fudge! I figured I would start with the “healthiest” recipe and then it’s all downhill from here. It’s the perfect sweet treat when you’re craving chocolate. I could only eat one piece – it’s a very rich treat. One of things I liked with this recipe is that it is naturally sweetened with local honey, it’s dairy-free, vegan and packed with healthy fats from the coconut oil.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Oil Fudge #Choctoberfest | Join Us, Pull up a Chair

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Coconut Macaroons – #FilltheCookieJar

Today’s the reveal for June’s Fill the Cookie Jar. We’re a group of bloggers that are given a theme for the month and then need to bake a cookie based on the theme. It’s fun and I always know I’ll be baking at least a dozen cookies each month, that’s a win in my book!

This month’s theme was Father’s Day favorites. This was hard for me as my dad would have celebrated his 56th birthday on Tuesday, but he’ll be gone 6 years this August. My dad was diagnosed with melanoma in 2004 and fought a 4 year long battle. My dad loved these chocolate pudding cookies with walnuts, it was always the one cookie we made over the holidays, but I know he would have loved these coconut macaroons too. I remember we would go to a local farmer’s market and the Italian bakery would have these giant chocolate covered macaroons. They were so good especially as a child. So to honor my dad and celebrate his birthday, here’s a quick and simple recipe for these amazing, delicate cookies.

3 large egg whites
1/2 cups sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp salt
14 oz bag of sweetened coconut flakes
Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Line two baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. 
In a large bowl, whip together the egg whites, sugar, vanilla extract and salt until the mixture is glossy and the sugar is dissolved. Gently fold in the coconut. 
Scoop the batter on the prepared baking sheets in 2 tablespoons sized balls about 1 inch apart. Bake for 20-25 minutes, rotating the baking sheets half way through the cooking process. Let cool completely. I melted about 1/3 of a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips (I wish I would have dark chocolate) and placed a teaspoon on top and then sprinkled a little fleur de sel salt on top.

Source: Pinterest